Cotton Twill Collection

Cotton Twill Collection

A fixture of work-wear and military clothing, cotton twill is tough, simple and reliable - making it ideal for hard-wearing, no-nonsense gear that’s built for purpose. This season we’ve created a small range of clothing made from heavyweight 300gsm cotton twill. Taking inspiration from classic military design, each piece is made to last.

Stan Ray Military Twill A2 deck jacket

Up first we’ve got the A2 Deck Jacket. Created in the 1950s as the successor to the N-1 jacket, the A2 is perhaps best known as the jacket worn by those in the US Navy during the Vietnam War. Designed to be used on the blustery decks of aircraft carriers, they were a bit toastier than most jackets worn in Vietnam, and featured a fleece lining and a storm-flap down the front to keep the breeze out. Our version retains these tried-and-tested features, making it a solid choice for those who often wear work-jackets, but need something a little warmer for the winter months.

Stan Ray A2 deck jacket details

The CPO Shirt is another piece which wouldn’t look out of place on the streets of Hanoi circa 1968. Whilst the original CPO shirts were designed for the US Navy back in the 30s, our version is based on the later shirts from the infamous OG-107 utility uniform. Famously worn in M.A.S.H. (as well as Woody Allen’s 1971 film, Bananas), these are a bit of a Stan Ray classic, and we’ve been making them for years. With two big front pockets, some reassuringly chunky mil-spec buttons and a straight hem, these sturdy overshirts sit right in the sweet-spot between shirt and jacket - very useful.

Stan Ray Twill CPO shirt

Rounding things off, we’ve got the Double Pleated Chinos. A tried and tested military creation, chinos were first worn by the British Indian Army back in the middle of the 19th century, and eventually made their way onto civvy street after WW2. Ours have a loose taper and pleats on the waist - giving them a sharp, clean shape. If you’re after a tough pair of trousers, without all the pockets you’d usually associate with military or work-pants, these might just be the ones.

Stan Ray Pleat Chinos Twill


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