FW20 Denim Collection

FW20 Denim Collection

Denim is perhaps the quintessential work-wear fabric. Worn by carpenters, cowboys, miners and more since all the way back in the 1800s, this indigo-dyed cotton is still relied on by millions of hard workers to this day. Here’s a quick run-down of what we’ve used it on this season…

Stan Ray FW20 Lookbook denim image

The OG Painter Pants are a true Stan Ray classic. Pretty much unchanged since the ‘70s, when it comes to tough, functional work-pants, they’re still hard to beat. Plenty of pockets… triple stitched seams… bar-tacked stress points… you don’t need to be halfway up a ladder with a paintbrush in your hand to appreciate these.

Stan Ray OG Painter Dry Denim Front and backMade in USA - OG Painter Pants in 11oz raw denim.

We also make the 80s Painter Pants. Same useful details... with a slightly tapered fit based on a shape we used to make back in the 1980s.

Stan Ray 80s Painter Pant Pair80s Painter Pants in 12oz mid stonewash (far left and left), same pant in vintage stonewash denim (far right) - both made in Turkey.

As with most of the pieces here - we make our Painter Pants in a few different denim options. There’s our 11oz raw denim pants, which are made in our factory in Texas, or our washed 12oz denim pants, which are made in Turkey. They’re all made to last, but they’ve just got a slightly different look and feel. If you like to break your denim in yourself - go for the raw, and if you’re after a tasteful worn-in flavour, then the washed versions might be for you.

Stan Ray Rinse and dry denim detailsRounded back pocket on our 12oz vintage wash 80s painter pant (left), original back pocket shape on our 11oz Made in USA raw denim OG Painter Pant (right).

For those who crave even more functional details… we also make washed-denim dungarees based on some vintage painter’s bibs in our archive. Think of them like a pair of painter pants, with even more pockets—anyone who’s worn these will know just how useful they are.

Stan Ray Earls bib pairEarls Bib dungaree in vintage stonewash denim - made in Portugal.

The Lined Barn Coat is another hearty chunk of denim worth talking about. It’s inspired by vintage chore coats, and has a full cotton flannel lining, an inside pocket and some super sturdy triple stitched seams. Thanks to its relaxed, loose fit, this is just the thing to throw over a hoodie or sweatshirt when the mercury drops.

Stan Ray Lined Barn CoatFW20 Lined Barn Coat in different washes, both with plaid blanket lining.

For something a bit shorter, there’s the Box Jacket. This one combines the long rectangular pockets of a vintage prison shirt with the sharp shape of a Trucker Jacket. Lined with tiger-print canvas, this is a denim jacket with a difference.

Stan Ray Denim Box JacketFW20 Lined Box Jacket in one wash denim.

Rounding this off, we’ve got our trusty denim Apron. Whether you’re fixing your bike or firing up the BBQ… these things come in very handy.

Stan Ray Denim ApronRaw denim Apron, made in USA.


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