Graphic Tees & Sweats

Graphic Tees & Sweats

The sweatshirt, the hooded sweat and the t-shirt are all iconic designs that have more than stood the test of time. Like a pair of painter pants or a military field jacket, they were all designed with function firmly in mind, and as you’d expect, we put a great deal of effort into our versions of these classic pieces.

Stan Ray - Early Sweats & HoodsAn early college sports sweat with stencil print, circa 1931 (left), Cassius Clay Piccadilly, London, 1963 (right).

The crew-neck sweatshirt needs little introduction. Originally devised in the 1920s as an alternative to itchy wool football jerseys, it quickly became a firm favourite amongst college sports teams and a key part of the military training uniform. Labourers wore ‘em too, and in the 1930s, when warehouse workers in upstate New York requested something even warmer to get them through the harsh winter, the hoodie was created.

Stan Ray FW20 Sweats

Both our sweats and our hoodies are made in Portugal using 320gsm half-brushed loopback cotton—with open-end yarn for a soft, textured handle. Put simply, they’re dead comfortable, and are bob-on for training and lounging alike.

Stan Ray Graphic Hoods FW20

This season we’ve created a few different versions—some are tie dyed, whilst some have been garment-dyed for a washed-out/worn-in flavour. We’ve also created a few graphic prints, like the Stan Radio design (a nod to our regular podcast series) and our take on Gerald Holtom’s iconic peace symbol first used during the CND marches of the late ‘50s. After all, we might make a lot of military-inspired garb, but we stand firmly for peace.

Stan Ray - Gerald Holtom’s iconic peace symbolGerald Holtom’s iconic peace symbol, designed in 1958.

The humble cotton t-shirt is another item that doesn’t really need much spiel. Created by the US Navy in the early 1900s as an inexpensive, easy-to-clean under-garment, they found their way to dry land thanks to off-duty sailors in the Pacific Theatre, and by the 50s had became a symbol of youthful defiance (helped no doubt by on-screen rebels like Marlon Brando and James Dean).

Stan Ray - James Dean and Marlon Brando tee shirtsBig tee fans - James Dean (Left), Marlon Brando (Right).

Our graphic tees come in a few different styles—with long-sleeved and short-sleeved options. They’re all made in Mexico (printed in the UK) from 220gsm cotton, meaning they’ve got that nice and chunky, heavyweight feel to them not too dissimilar to a vintage tee. How you wear them is up to you.

Stan Ray FW20 graphic tees


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