Introducing... AW23

Introducing... AW23

With summer winding down and autumn just around the bend, we’re proud to present our latest collection. With a few fresh designs along with some refined Stan classics, this is seriously functional everyday clothing—the kind of stuff that works just as well in the painting studio as it does down at the pub.

Starting at the top, the Desert Walker Jacket is a new one for this season. Always keen to look beyond the obvious when it comes to references and inspiration, this jacket is our loose interpretation of the beige bomber worn by Dean Stockwell in Wim Wenders’ 1984 classic, Paris, Texas. Making something new out of something old, we took the short shape and elasticated waistband of the original, and gave it a slightly more militant flavour with the addition of that winter-ready synthetic fill and those sizable pockets on the front. It’s sort of a bomber, and sort of not—ideal when you’re wanting a winter coat with a bit of a difference.


The Pork Chop Jacket is another fresh design—a hard-wearing work jacket with some unique front pockets (no prizes for guessing why this jacket gets its name then…). A modern version of a chore jacket, it’s got a roomy, boxy fit, with elasticated cuffs to bring it up to date. That cotton lining makes it feel a lot more luxurious than most work jackets too.

Then there’s the Zip Shirt. As you’ve probably deduced, this has a big zip which runs down the front, which along with those sneaky handwarmer pockets help to move this firmly into overshirt territory, whilst that bright plaid brings to mind either Twin Peaks or early 90s West Coast hip hop, depending on who you ask. Both strong reference points. 

What else? Well, along with these new designs, we've also been adding some subtle tweaks to our classic pieces to make them even more wearable. like updating the shape of the collar on our Coverall Jackets or reworking our Earls Bibs—with a bit more room around the waist and shorter legs for a more functional shape.  

We’ve also updated our denim—rounding the rear pockets off for a smoother silhouette—and adding a new shape to the mix. Dubbed the Wide 5, these ones are, as you’d probably guess, the widest jeans we make, with a roomy fit and slightly tapered legs.

The Big Job Pants—effectively a baggier version of our Painter Pants are back by popular demand—this time made from some seriously hard-wearing cotton twill, whilst we’ve dusted off some particularly nice ripstop cotton for our Cargo Pants, Fatigues and OG Painters. This is the kind of thing that’s maybe hard to convey on the internet, but this super-crisp, tightly woven ripstop is, in our eyes, pretty much perfect. You’ll know what we mean when you feel it for yourself.

Along with all this, we’ve pulled out all the stops with our graphic tees and sweats—this time taking inspiration from something particularly close to our Texan roots—the pioneering blues of Lightnin’ Hopkins. Oh yeah, and for when the mercury drops we’ve also got the Down Parka, Down Vest and our much-loved fleece gear returning soon—so keep those eyes peeled for those. Yep, there’s a lot to like.

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