Introducing... The Down Jacket

Introducing... The Down Jacket

 This season a large dose of inspiration comes from the clothes worn during the making of classic American films of the 1970s—in particular Michael Cimino’s 1978 epic, The Deer Hunter. Whilst the influence can be seen across the whole range, it’s probably most prevalent on our new Down Jacket—a serious winter-ready coat, built with cold weather firmly in mind. 

Mention Deer Hunter and jackets in the same sentence and most people instantly think of the burnt orange 60/40 mountain parka Robert De Niro wears whilst out hunting, and although our design team did take a few cues from that legendary piece of outerwear—especially in the colour department—it was just one of the many inspirations which came from the film. 


There’s also De Niro’s down vest, along with the beige down jacket worn by steelworker Axel (who was actually played by a real-life foreman that Cimino and De Niro met whilst researching the film)—and that’s just the people in front of the camera. 

 As the so-called New Hollywood movement took cameras out of studios and into the real world, film crews were forced to endure whatever harsh environment the director saw fit for their vision. For the crew involved in The Deer Hunter, that meant near-death experiences in the River Kwai, baking-hot steel mills in Ohio and the heady heights of Washington’s Cascade mountains. Long days in extreme conditions called for functional clothing, and the film’s hunting scenes in particular required plenty of big coats on set—with the mysterious ad-man-turned-film-maestro Michael Cimino wrapped up in a quilted down jacket, and sharp-eyed cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond decked out in a hiking jacket.


 So how does all this feed into our Down Jacket? Well, like the coats worn during the making of this fine film, ours is a classically styled piece of utilitarian outdoor design—the perfect cover against the elements—whether you’re shooting your next masterpiece, or just taking the dog for a walk.

 Made from hard-wearing two-layer nylon Oxford cloth, it’s got a similar sturdy feel to the jackets of yore, and thanks to that 90/10 duck-down fill, it packs the heat without too much heft. Whilst we were keen to pay homage to the jackets of the ‘70s, we did bring things up to date with the use of a bonded water resistant membrane for a bit of added wet-weather protection.



There’s a fully removable hood, along with two sizable inside pockets and those roomy hand-warmer pockets on the front. A chunky YKK zip runs down the middle, whilst a press-stud storm flap keeps the draught out. As for the shape, things are nice and relaxed, meaning it’s big enough to fit a thick jumper or an overshirt underneath. 


 To accompany the Down Jacket, we also made the Down Vest and the Down Scarf—both using the same down-filled nylon fabric. If you’re looking to stay warm this winter, you’re in the right place.

Available in four colours; Khaki, Olive, Orange and Purple.

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