NYCO Ripstop Collection

NYCO Ripstop Collection

This season we’ve created a small collection of pieces made from hard-wearing ripstop NYCO. Often used on military gear, NYCO is a blend of nylon and cotton renowned for both its strength and its breathability - making it the ideal fabric for Stan Ray.

Stan Ray Tropical Jackets and detail

While there are a few different variations of NYCO around, ours is a medium-weight 230gsm nylon/cotton mix which has been treated with a long-lasting water-resistant coating to offer a valuable bit of extra protection for the damp winter months ahead.

Stan Ray NYCO Ripstop with water

The Tropical Jacket is something that we’ve been making for a few seasons now, and has quickly become a favourite amongst the ranks. As the name suggests, it takes its shape from the classic slant-pocket tropical jackets worn by the US Army during the Vietnam War (as well as countless California counterculture folks during the late ‘60s).

Based on the second generation design (as opposed to the earlier incarnation which featured exposed buttons on the pockets), it’s a highly-versatile four-pocket field jacket which works just as well as over a tee or a work-shirt on summer evenings (see Joaquin Phoenix in Inherent Vice) as it does as a layering piece under a hefty coat when Jack Frost comes knocking.

Another hardy military design, our Cargo Pants are inspired by the tried-and-tested BDU trousers introduced by the United States Armed Forces in the early 1980s (and still worn by some forces around the world today). Built to last, they’ve got triple-stitched side-seams and USA-made mil-spec buttons, along with some articulated knees for some added manoeuvrability.

And finally, there’s the Recreation Pants - a particularly relaxed pair of trousers which combine the tapered shape of our 80s Painter Pants with the elasticated drawstring waist usually found on climbing pants and beach pants. Whilst they may seem a little more laid-back than some of our trousers, thanks to that ripstop NYCO fabric, they’ll still put up with a plenty of stick, making them the perfect do-it-all pants - ideal for hiking and lounging alike.



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