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Original Workwear Roots

Original Workwear Roots

The single knee painter AKA the OG Painter is a corner stone of the core classics collection and one of our Crockett factory originals dating back to the 70s.

Stan Ray OG Painter Pants - Front and back

Originally the OG Painter was cut in a 12oz rigid natural drill specifically for use in the paint trade. Over the years, at the request of carpenters and construction workers we added more fabrics to the cut sheets including Hickory, Denim, White Drill and Duck Canvas.

Stan Ray OG Painter Pants - workwear look

Here are some of the simple details of the OG Painter which we admire...

Stan Ray OG Painter Pants - back pockets

Deep front and back pockets with a heavy pocketing fabric.

Stan Ray OG Painter Pants - pocket bags

Rectangular tool pockets on the wearers left and right leg, with a brush loop on the back side of the wearers left leg (it's located on the back side of the leg so when climbing up or down a ladder the brush wont catch a rung and end up in a mess on the floor).

Stan Ray OG Painter Pants - hammer loop

Triple needle chain stitched, flat felled seams, robust enough to last as long as the lifetime of our toughest fabrics.

Stan Ray OG Painter Pants - stitch

The details and simplicity of construction across all these fabrics are inspiring and serve as a reference point when adding new workwear styles into the EU collection...

Shop Jacket - Use of core fabrics, such as Natural Drill and Hickory, patch pockets and top stitch detail link directly to the painter pant style.

Stan Ray Shop Jacket - Natural Drill

Earls Bib - Triple chain stitched construction - side tool pocket details and painters loop.

Prison shirt - Pocket shaped based on oversized dimensions of the OG painters side pocket details.

Stan Ray Prison Shirt

Box jacket - Pocket shaped based on the OG painters side pocket details.

Stan Ray Box Jacket


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