Introducing... ARTISANS

Introducing... ARTISANS

To kick off our ARTISANS series we headed up to the Peak District to meet with the two founders of Romerworld; a small outfit taking a refreshing approach to their craft, designing and building beautiful, considered campervans.

Read on to get the lowdown on all things Off-Grid.

So, can you tell us who you are and how Romerworld came to be?

Absolutely, we're Romerworld, a small two man operation building unique off-grid conversions in the heart of the Peak District. We currently specialise in campers but have plans to grow in to new spaces, house boats and tiny homes, applying our functionally considered and design orientated approach to some slightly larger environments. 
Romerworld had a relatively unusual birth! Myself and Bennett actually met in the street here in Sheffield. Both of us had previous experience building and converting campers and working with our hands but at the time (around mid summer 2021) we were both working full time jobs in very different industries. The chance meeting in the street turned in to weekly meetings throughout summer in my garden, thinking, designing and patiently building plans for our great escape. Romerworld was officially born 5 months after we met, we slowly eased out of our respective roles and took the plunge, renting a workshop and committing to an entirely new direction. 

Is there a major highlight of the last 12 months, personally or professionally you can share?

Trusting our gut and taking the bloody leap. This is without a doubt our highlight, we had a very fluffy idea and we managed to wrangle it into something solid enough that we believed in it. Going it alone is a hugely daunting concept, but in our case the evolution of our journey made it feel right. 

Your bespoke plywood window frames are works of art, how things look is clearly an important factor, so how do you balance aesthetics and function in your work?

We first focus on function, it's all well and good having something that looks incredible but if it doesn't do what it's built to do it's purely ornamental. Once the functional design work is done we move on to making it as aesthetically "on point" as we can. We take inspiration from all over the place but pay particular attention to interior and architectural design. 

There's been lots going on for you both but can you describe your most exciting project of the past, present or future.

We have been working on our first "signature" van interior "The Romerworld RV-1" for some time now. It's a fully equipped layout that contains pretty much everything you'd expect to find in a small home, all of the fixtures, fittings and finishes are customisable which gives the customer a whole heap of freedom to make the space their own. We're super excited about launching the RV-1 around mid July this year. 

I've heard a lot of jams in here today, what’s in your current workshop playlist?

Honestly it depends entirely on who gets to the workshop first. If Bennett gets there before me we're listening to all 50 covers of "running up that hill" by Kate Bush (don't ask), but if i get there first, Bennett needs to prepare himself for an entire day of back to back Kisstory anthems. Every now and again we spice it up a little with a found playlist or random station. 

Ok nice, to round this out can you share one life hack you've discovered that you can’t now live without?

It's less of a hack and more of a mindset, be brave. Being scared is a good thing (within reason) it keeps you on your toes (and up at night - this bit not so good) but if you can strike a good balance, embrace it and ride the wave.

Many thanks to Jerome and Bennett AKA Romerworld, check them and their work out over at

Jerome is seen wearing our new Double Knee Painter Pants in Natural Drill and Stan Tee in Black.

Bennett is seen wearing our Double Knee Painter Pants in Olive Cotton Ripstop and Stan Gold Standard Tee in White.

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