Stan Radio 18: Alfred Anders

Stan Radio 18: Alfred Anders

Introducing our latest guest mix, from one of the main arteries of the Brussels music scene and nightscape - Alfred Anders

Alfred has been guiding ears and dancefloors for the last decade as a DJ and more recently as the founder of Crevette Records - constantly crafting, shaping, and executing big plans in the quirky capital city he calls home.

As a DJ he’s an investigator, passionately digging deep for unknown gems that move, entrance, and intrigue. His expertise lies in exotic and weird beats which capture a primal essence, joy, and curiosity, paying no mind to genre restrictions.

We reached out to Alfred asking him to contribute to the series with an open brief, and this is what he came back with.<.p>

'The podcast is a mixture of records ranging from wrong speed cuts, proper new beat, breakbeat, proto-techno and early rave stuff. Not taking things too serious, and keeping it playful as always : ) Most of the records I used in this podcast where found in the record shop I’m running in Brussels with my friends, Crevette Records.'

One for the dancers and ravers this!

Thanks Alfred!


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