Stan Radio 22: Running Hot

Stan Radio 22: Running Hot

London based duo Running Hot have been making noise over the past few years for their deep digging DJ sets at London venues like The Cause & Brilliant Corners, alongside their DJ edits series and popular YouTube channel.

Their sound covers a lot of ground, from the weird and the wonderful to the best in dance floor business; moving through Reggae, Street Soul, Boogie, Disco, House and everything in between.

You can catch them every month via their residency on Balamii radio.

On the mix...

We're both big hip-hop fans and have been for years but it's not something we typically play that much in our sets. We'd also had this idea of making a mix in the style of the radio stations you in the Grand Theft Auto games kicking around for a while and with the series being called Stan Radio this seemed like a good opportunity to combine the two things and do it. It's something a bit different from the usual mix format and hopefully people will dig it. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Cheers guys!

Stan Ray · Stan Radio 22: Running Hot
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