Stan Radio 31 | Apiento

Stan Radio 31 | Apiento

Apiento (a.k.a Paul Byrne) is a DJ and producer who also created and runs the Test Pressing website. Known for its merchandise, publications, forum, reviews, mixes and general coverage of good left of centre music Test Pressing has become a bit of a “go to”  place over the years.

As Apiento he has released ‘Things You Do For Love’ and ‘Down That Road’ for World Building and "The Orange Place" on World Unknown records. He has also released music on Claremont56, Leng, Golf Channel,  International Feel and more, not to mention having a show on London’s NTS radio since its beginnings. 

We're honoured to present you the latest mix in the Stan Radio series for 2022 with one hour of tripped out zen music from Apiento....



Stan Ray · Stan Radio 31 | Apiento
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