Stan Radio 33 | Jayson Wynters

Stan Radio 33 | Jayson Wynters

Next up in the Stan radio series we have a special mix from the UK’s Jayson Wynters.

 Jayson Wynters is a DJ that is able to combine many genres in one set and blend it seamlessly, however today we are blessed with something a little more linear with a House-meets-Broken mix from the maestro.

Wynters was first known as a garage MC in the late 90s in Birmingham, before rising to prominence in the city’s underground radio and club scene. Today you can catch Jayson DJing all over Europe, producing and releasing music - check his latest release ‘Lost City’ on Rhythm Nation - and at Café Artum in Birmingham, (a record shop and café that acts as a hub for the local community of musicians) where he is Co-Founder.

In his own words:

“This mix is mostly stuff I’ve been sitting on for a while and had not yet given air time, mixed in with some newer bits. A lot of the mix tapes I’ve been doing recently have been exploring the deeper/trippier aspects of techno so it was nice to do something a little different”.



  1. Wbeeza - Grove Park
  2. Kino-Moderno - Sync You (Remix)
  3. Patrice Scott - The Detroit track
  4. J Gruvs - Wet 7 Warm
  5. Gloss - Seekers Edit
  6. Appian - G621 (SofaTalk Remix)
  7. Kyle Hall - Mysterious Lake
  8. Mark De Clive-Lowe - Thanks Given
  9. Turbulance - One for Misho
  10. Unknown
  11. Kaidi and Lord - Frequency Range
  12. Private society - Looking at the sky


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