5 Pocket Focus

5 Pocket Focus

We like to make things that are built to last—and that’s most definitely the case with our jeans. We’ve expanded our denim range a bit over the last year or so, adding a few more options into the mix, all the while making sure we keep things firmly in line with our ethos of functional clothes with minimum fuss and maximum practicality.

The Wide 5 is a new style for AW22. As you’d expect, these are the widest jeans we make, with more space in the seat and the thighs for a classic baggy shape. They’re still made exactly the same way as the rest of our jeans, just a little roomier for a time-honoured 90s flavour.


Then there’s the 5 Pocket Straights. We introduced these last season and they’ve fast become a bit of a fan favourite thanks to their great everyday shape which works well across the board. With a regular fit, a mid rise and straight legs, these sit right in the middle of our denim range, working just as well with a button-down shirt worn out for a meal as they do with a fleece out for a morning stroll.


And finally, there’s our ever-reliable 5 Pocket Tapers. Whilst these aren’t ‘slim’ or ‘skinny’ by any means, they’ve got tapered legs for a slightly sharper fit (sort of like the 80s Painter Pants, without the brush loop). 


Whilst they all fit slightly differently, each pair is made in the same factory in Turkey, with the same details and the same 13oz denim. Reading about denim weight can get a bit confusing, but as far as we’re concerned this stuff is perfect. It’s thick enough to put up with some serious stick, without being so heavy that you feel like you’re stomping about in mediaeval armour. In short, it’s slap bang in ‘goldilocks’ territory—just right for work and play. 

Keeping things tough, bar-tacks (lines of heavy stitching often found in vintage work-wear) add a bit of reinforcement to the stress points (like the rear pocket entries), whilst those canvas pocket bags should stay strong and hole-free, no matter what you cram in them. 

Copper rivets keep the front pockets firmly fixed, and there’s triple-stitching on the rear yoke

Oh yeah, and as you’ve no doubt guessed, they’ve got the tried-and-tested five pocket configuration that’s been used on jeans since the early 19th century—two on the front, two on the back, and that little one just inside the right pocket originally devised for pocket watches.

All that stuff aside, there’s not much else we really need to say as far as features or details are concerned. The beauty of a good pair of jeans often lies in simplicity, rather than over-complication, so we made sure nothing extra was added that wasn’t needed. If it’s hard-wearing, no nonsense trousers you’re after, then our 5 Pocket Jeans will see you right. And if you really do need more pockets, there’s always our Painter Pants or Cargo Pants…

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