Fit Guide — Pants

Fit Guide

Not sure which Painter Pant or Fatigue style to go for?

Take 2 minutes to read our guide, which explains a bit more about each fit.

1100 Series

OG107 Loose Fit Fatigues

Commonly known as the OG Fit or OG107, this is the Original fit Earl and the team in Crockett have been making since the late 70s.

As with all the Stan Ray fatigue pants, the 1100 series has big front patch pockets, button-down back patch pockets, zip fly and military-style buttons throughout. The fit is loose all the way down with a straight 18" leg opening.

The rise is long and as a result, the waistband sits above the hip.

1200 Series

SL107 Taper Fit Fatigues

This is a silhouette that Earl developed in the 80s initially drawn up as a bellows fatigue style for the Japanese market.It's based loosely on the 1100 but with a marginally shorter rise and slightly curved hip vs the 1100. The taper leg kicks in just above the knee and runs to the ankle.

It's a real all-rounder and that is why it's so popular, works well with any footwear, sandals, deck shoes, vintage athletic styles, heavy work boots or modern sneakers.

The leg is loose in the top with a generous rise, the waistband sits just above the hip, not quite as high as the 1100. The taper starts just above the knee and narrows to a 16" opening at the chain-stitched hem. All seams are double chain-stitched and side seams are flat-felled. It has the classic four pocket combination of two patch pockets on the front and 2 button-down pockets on the rear.

1300 Series

Slim Straight Fatigues

Multilateralism is defined as multiple countries working in concert on a given issue. This pair of trousers is not quite a symphony, bit more like an anglo-franc-American Jazz trio. The fit was sketched in Paris, France, the pattern was cut in Manchester, England and the real work happened in Crockett, Texas where they were made.

This fit is a modern working of the OG 1100 series. It's made in the same style as the 1100 and 1200 series, 2 front patch pockets, 2 rear button-down pockets, zip- fly and military style buttons.

It has a mid to low rise, so sits on or just above the hip. The fit is slimmer than the 1100 and 1200 through the upper thigh and seat, with a slight taper down to the knee. From the knee, it runs straight to the leg opening of 15.5".

If you are a slighter guy, these are a great alternative to the 1200s.

3100 Series

Easy Chino

A few years ago we used to make a ton of military chinos… 1000s of them, for Japan mainly, we sold them all over the world too. Black, Khaki, Charcoal, watch pockets, pleats, whatever.

The Easy Chino takes the top block from one of those chinos, the 1706P, a loose fit straight leg pant. We wanted to update this a little, so we borrowed the leg shape from our bestselling fatigue pant, the 1200 taper fit, sounds a bit Frankenstein but it works…

The result is a relaxed mid-rise, easy fitting top block with a contemporary feel. We cropped the inseam by 2" so it is slightly shorter than our fatigues or the original 1706P.

It's perfect for summer, wear it with Vans, Converse or your favourite sandals...

3500 Series

OG Single Knee Painter Pant

This is our painter pant or carpenter pant, for painting or doing other workmanlike stuff.Stan has been making these ones for years and boy do they last.

They have a triple chain stitch construction throughout, with a paintbrush loop on the side and a series of other handy pockets for your tools and roll-ups.

The fit is very similar to the 1200 series but with a straighter leg down to a 17.5" leg opening.

3600 Series

80s Painter Pant

The 80s Painter is an airy tapered fit from the 1980s that we found in the sample archive.

The fit is nice and loose in the top half (same as the OG 3500) but we put a little curve in the upper outseam for added comfort around the hips, seat and front.

We dropped the OG waistband by around 2", which pulls the rise down to fit like a pair of 505s or a regular fit 5 pocket jean, sitting on the hip.

The taper in the leg kicks in just below the mid-thigh, running out gently to a 16" hem opening, not to tight not too loose, just right.We kept the same construction as the OG... triple stitched seams, bar-tacked stress points, brush pockets and painters loops because, well, we still make pants for people to work in.