5 Pocket Straights - A New Classic

5 Pocket Straights - A New Classic

When it comes to trousers, things don’t get much more classic than a well-crafted pair of five-pocket jeans. 

Originally devised as no nonsense work-wear for miners, cowboys and factory workers back in the 1800s, these riveted denim 'waist-overalls’ (as they were known back then) quickly found favour with everyone in need for tough legwear.

By the 1950s—thanks in part to people like James Dean and Marlon Brando—they’d become a symbol of rebellion, and nowadays it’s hard to find a subculture that hasn’t co-opted these hardy trousers into their wardrobe—from greasers to skaters, mods to metal-heads.


As with all great design, the century-spanning appeal of these humble denim trousers probably lies in their simplicity—and although some today show little sign of their work-wear roots, the best jeans are still masterpieces of minimalism—no gimmicks needed.

Designed with the rigours of modern-life in mind, our Five Pocket Straight Jeans follow that age-old recipe of hard-wearing denim and classic utilitarian features. Made from 13oz denim, they’re strong enough for years of wear, but still light enough for summer days. Functional details like the riveted pockets and the triple-stitched yoke keep things reassuringly sturdy, whilst those canvas pocket bags mean your coins and keys won’t be going AWOL. 

Shape wise, they’ve got a tried and tested straight leg shape—a touch wider than the Five Pocket Tapered Jeans. Think of them as a stripped-back alternative to the denim Painter Pants—most definitely built to last, but with a slightly more subtle design. Like a crew-neck sweatshirt or an Oxford cloth button-down, these are the kinds of things that are destined to get a lot of use—and whilst the term ‘wardrobe staple’ is used fairly flippantly these days, it certainly fits the bill here. The Five Pocket Straight Jeans are work-wear, that works, wherever.


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