Stan Radio 19: Basso

Stan Radio 19: Basso

We’re so excited to share issue 19 of Stan Radio, this time from the mighty Basso of Hamburg! We’re huge fans of his Growing Bin record store, label and Youtube channel, so it’s a real honour to have him contribute to our podcast series! A few words about the mix:

“Back in the mid 90s when my collection of soul records grew a little bigger I started recording tapes with the more mellow jams I found (on the albums I bought for the funky tracks). I called these “Slow Jams”. I can’t really recall if I recorded these for girls or just for my own pleasure. On my quest for a box of minidiscs last year I found some of these tapes (Vol. 1 - Vol. 4) and I badly wanted to make one in this vein again. Last week I gave it a try. It’s not the old school “Slow Jams” vibe I wanted to create. But after a few listens I realised I like the new Slow Jams vibe even better. Heartwarming / heartbreaking jams served with a pinch of salt… anybody?”

If you enjoy this mix and aren’t familiar with Basso, we strongly recommend you check out the links above.

Killer killer mix. Thanks Basso!

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