Stan Radio 29: Franck Roger

Stan Radio 29: Franck Roger

We are very excited to present to you the next instalment from our Stan Radio series; by none other than legendary Parisian Dj and producer Franck Roger. 

"Franck Roger started out as a DJ in 1997, and began making his own music soon after in 1999. Like many, he grew up on a diet of great music thanks to his parents; from Motown and disco to reggae. He would record his favorite songs from the radio onto cassettes and 'edit' them by hand. Most inspirational was a radio show broadcast on Radio FG called “A Deep Groove Radio Show” hosted by legendary Frenchies DJ Gregory, DJ Deep and Alex from Tokyo. Franck recorded every show, writing down the track list and using it to go record shopping. This formed the foundation of his entire career, and his ethos today remains staunchly dedicated to maintaining the values of those early days."

In Franck's own words....

"This session has been blended together in one take as I don’t really like to prepare stuff and prefer to take the risk to provide a proper live mix using the famous DJR 400 rotary mixer.

The selection goes from deep and atmospheric sounds to cosmic tracks.. all together with soul and magic. 

Producers from Los Angeles, Melbourne, Paris, New York, tainted and influenced from my 80s childhood influences to today”.


01. Flying Lotus - Your day off
02. Ok Eg - Precipitation
03. Uku Kuut - Soft Fashion
04. Charlie Charlie - Lorena feat Mapei
05. Charlie Charlie - Nothing here but you and me
06. Circuitry Feat. Electro Wayne - A Love Scene
07. Kayroy feat Jaspar Robinson - Satellite
09. Alma Vox -  Toi Mon Toit (Original Mix)
10. Ivan "Mamão" Conti & GrassMass - A Mina
11. Eleven 76 - The Scarab's Quest
12. Letta Mbulu - Hamba Nam We (Dj Psychiatre Edit)
13. Blair French - Surrender
14. Galxtc - Life is a mirror
15. Beach Wizards - The Diamond Sea Disco
16. Andy Ash - Tiawo
17. Ron Hardy Edits - Trance Dance
18. Frank Hatchett - Wishing on a star


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