STAN RADIO 37 | Ben Manzone

STAN RADIO 37 | Ben Manzone

Welcoming Spring with Ben Manzone.

Ben Manzone is a native of New York, and has been a DJ in NYC for 22 years. He is the admin & curator of There Is No Planet Earth Instagram account; an audio/visual archive that focuses on the history of House, Disco, Techno and the club culture of 80’s-90’s New York, Chicago, and Detroit, as well as Classic Vogue Ballroom footage. Ben has also been involved with Deep Cut Brooklyn disco party, Foreal People and Party Line; a roving loft/warehouse DIY function, hosting legendary guest DJ’s such as Tony Humphries & Honey Dijon, as well as the Queer party On & On. Additionally, Ben was one half of Techno production group ‘Sycorax’.

In his own words:

"This mix is inspired by storied NYC House institutions: Body & Soul, Shelter, 718 Sessions & Junior Vasquez at Sound Factory... The vibe is vocal oriented but funky, soulful, and deep! It's got early 90's tracks, and mid 90's disco infused chicago house, as well as gospel heavy contemporary tracks! This mix is really a snapshot of what I'd typically play out at clubs in NYC."



Stan Ray · Stan Radio 37 | Ben Manzone
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