Stan Radio 38 | Fahrenheit

Stan Radio 38 | Fahrenheit

Farah Harriche aka Fahrenheit is a kid of the 90's based in Montmartre, Paris who's ears have been shaped by hippie rock and world music.

For this playful mix, she has curated new wave and disco tracks of the 80's, her favourite decade to play with, sharing with us uplifting and rhythmic vibes to enlighten the beginning of Autumn.

In her words:
"Special thanks to St Ritz & Dizonord’s team, Chouferbad and Apiento who have opened up my musical horizons during the past two years and to Dylan Julien for the runway!”

1 Drawing Future Life - 1969
2 The Pharaohs - Rinse Dreams
3 Giuliano Sorgini - Curiosita
4 Nu Genea - Ddoje Facce
5 Domenique Dumont - Quand
6 Saada Bonaire - More Women
7 Parallel Dance Ensemble - Shopping Cart
8 Sexual Harrassment - I need a freak
9 The Mauscowicz Dance Band - Wie Niet Weg is is Giezen
10 Supermax - African Blood
11 Eberhard Schoener - Why don’t you answer
12 Grauzone - Eisbaer
13 Paul Mc Cartney - Good Night Tonight


Stan Ray · Stan Radio 38 | Fahrenheit
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